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TransAmerica Open Enrollment

Updated: May 8, 2022

Dear BFSA membership,

On behalf of Trans America & the BFSA Executive Board

Please be advised Open Enrollment for TransAmerica Supplemental DBL and Life Insurance is currently ongoing eff. 3/17/2022-5/31/2022 for benefit start of 5/1/2022 for those that enrolled during GMM thru 4/22/22 and 6/1/2022 for anyone thereafter.

Anyone interested is encouraged to contact TransAmerica representative Toby Wilson @ 718-607-7678 or email completed form to

Full details, forms and up to date info can be found in BFSA website “BENEFITS” page, and within your 1199 email. Please be kind and share this with any BFSA member we may have missed. I hope you are all doing well and wish you all a great day. Stay well and safe.

In solidarity,

BFSA Executive Board

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