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 Trans America 

Everyone asked for Supplemental Short Term Disability income insurance that pays you benefits if you get hurt and can't work and we are glad to announce the vendor chosen as Trans America. 

Product Highlights 


Income Protection for up to 50% of your salary


Elimination period, and monthly benefits that fit your needs 


Waiver of Premium for Total Disability 

Partial Disability Benefits 


Enrollment Info can be obtained in your BFSA office and you can also feel free to visit their website @

TransAmerica Insurance 

Goodwill Benefit

Your Union has a Goodwill Fund in place to assist members who are out on DBL, Workman’s Comp and Bereavement (for family members listed in your contract only.)  Please note the Funds are available to you but we must be informed accordingly of each event and the proper documentation is needed for our files before we can release your monetary benefit.  Please keep in mind there is a time frame of 30 days upon return from DBL, and 90 days from DOD for Bereavement to qualify; and your union dues must be current and up to date to be considered. Below you will find compensation amount for each event:

DBL/Wk. Comp. $50

Bereavement  $50

Retirement  $100

Goodwill forms can be requested from your department Delegate or BFSA office.

Delegate Body List

June 2019 List of Delegates 


Manhattan Office 

Melody Wu~ Hospital

Eulyn Francois- Mbr. Service

Troy Washington~ Mbr. Service

Nikima Vanbeverhoudt. ~ Pension 

Eddie Figueroa~ Mbr. Service

Iris Roman~Pension

Mia Edmondson ~ Care Man. 

Kristen Randazzo ~ Care Man.

Jackleen Roberto ~ Mbr. Service

Jane Arendell-Johnson~ Mbr Service

Jeanette Eans ~ Pension 

Hicksville Office

Lisa Southerland~ Medical Claims