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In Loving Memory

Taking the time to announce the passing of two of our devoted and loved members, who we will cherish and remember fondly for all of their dedication and contributions to their fellow brothers and sisters of the BFSA.

Dawn Dozier, Pension Calculator in our Pension dept. has served 34 years. Dawn made lasting friendships and always had an infectious smile that would instantly make your day.

Michael Rivera, QCR III in our Members Services RSCC unit, served 15 years and as Dawn has also touched the hearts of those he worked closely with. Please keep their family and coworkers in prayer.

The BFSA in collaboration with Wellness- MAP would like to offer grief counseling sessions to anyone interested. If you are, please email Alma Gonzalez- BFSA President and cc: Sandra Murray so we can take count and provide list to Wellness Dept. Any fond memories can also be shared here if needed. This is a huge loss to us all, and we are here if needed.

In solidarity,

BFSA Executive Board

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