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~2022 last updated 6/24/22

The BFSA is interested in celebrating our members by sponsoring Events we can all enjoy. Suggestions are welcome and new ways we can come together is much needed. There has been a lot we have dealt with these past 2 years, so why not look to the future with hope as we join forces for the betterment of our Union. 

Life events and department promotions, birthdays are also a great way of getting to know our fellow members, so feel free to share. We'd love to showcase our members. 

The BFSA wants our members to feel comfortable and share news your peers will surely love. Anyone interestedplease feel free to reach out to our Communication Committee: Chair Alma Gonzalez, Co-Chair Marlon Elliot and Sandra Murray. Interested in being part of the team, please inquire. 


 The BFSA Executive Board and Social Cultural committee is happy to present our members with a relaxing, enjoyable and entertaining day out and most importantly away from work. 

Members who have replied prior to deadline have already been provided with continental breakfast and box lunch menu items. Please have completed forms returned by 7/1/22.

Thank you and we look forward to spending the day with the heart and soul of the BFSA, our members.  

Future event planning already underway as well. 

General Membership Meeting - Meet your new administration estimated target date 9/2022

What to expect...


Presidents Report

Vice Presidents Report 

Reclassification Report

Grievance Report 

Financial Report 

Treasurer & Auditor Updates  

Social & Cultural Committee & Delegate Introduction

BFSA Actions

Your voices have been heard. We are currently reviewing many Fund Policies that may need updates or further examination such as PIP and other actions that may seem unfavorable to our membership. This is a concerted effort of the entire BFSA Executive Board, its Delegates, Committees and Members. It is the duty of the BFSA to fully understand all Fund operations if we are to represent our Union to the fullest. This is only the first step and we have a lot to learn and cover along the way but are prepared to give it our all as a team for our membership.  


In solidarity, 


Your BFSA Executive Board  

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