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PHASE II (WFH) cont.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We hope this recent update will find you all well as well as your families. The BFSA Executive Board has had meetings with HR about WFH, its initial start and where we are now. At present the Fund is currently between 75%-80% capacity with employees working remotely and hope to have it at full capacity by the end of this month as they continue to have devices and equipment shipped to respective employees addresses on file. Staff awaiting devices please keep a look out as they are expected to be delivered by end of this week 5/8/2020 thru next week 5/15/2020.

If you have yet to be contacted please reach out to your leadership team via email and cc anyone of the Executive Board members, or delegate you may want to be clued in on your inquiry. We will only be focused on ensuring every employee is afforded the opportunity to work from home as that is the main goal. BFSA staff must accept calls and or equipment from HR. Disciplinary Action can be used against anyone who denies or neglects to comply. Let us not provide HR with any reason to.

· Please note new Federal guidelines will govern how 1199NBF & SEIU operates going forward. Therefore, all must understand that in addition to coming into the office physically when able, we will also have to have working from home as an additional option to maintain health safeguards for all as we comply with social distancing in the new 498 building. Details will be shared with all once NBF leadership decides on how operations will proceed.

· BFSA members will also be allowed to obtain any personal belongings left in the 330 building once that schedule is set up.

· The BFSA site will be updated to provide all members with up to date information as they become available. 1199NBF has also added the “Staff Update” feature on their homepage at where staff can also feel free to obtain info from them directly.

· Telework E-learning Course will also need to be completed by all members working remotely. Please ensure you review your emails and complete course as soon as you can. The maximum time to complete course is twenty minutes.

This completes the updates we have available at moment. If there is anything you would like to share with us please feel free to reach out. Thank you to all BFSA members who have so far stepped up, whether remotely or physically at our Hicksville facility. It has not gone unnoticed and has been greatly expressed. Please stay safe and well. We miss seeing your faces in person and hope to get back to some sense of normalcy soon.

In Solidarity,

Yvette Howard

BFSA President

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