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1st Qtr. General Membership Meeting

The BFSA's first quarter GMM in New York City office held on 1/9/2020 was a huge success. The Executive Board, Social & Cultural Committee and delegates came together and provided respective reports from all officers. Yvette Howard, President. Rodney Bullard, Vice President and the rest of the team gave it their all, and guest speaker Carmen Laracuente from our 1199NBF Wellness Department was a wonderful addition on assisting our members and providing them details about upcoming events our members are also entitled to.

Please visit the BFSA site "Benefit" section for further details on future Wellness Dept. events. At present members can take advantage of the 1199SEIU Benefit & Pension Funds Woksite Wellness Program where members can get tested on site by RN Lorraine Pink, for high blood pressure, diabetes or even cholesterol every Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 8am-4pm in the 330 buiding Wellness Dept. located on the 12th floor. (All personal information will be kept confidential.) Call and make an appoitment by calling (646)473-8974.

Officer reports and Wellness pamphlets can be obtained in your BFSA office, and our Hicksville GMM is scheduled for January 31, 2020. All officers will be off site. Thank you.

In Solidarity,

Your BFSA Executive Board

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