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February 18, 2022


Brothers & Sisters!!

We hope you and your families are all well during these trying times that we’re still facing with much uncertainty. The Benefit Fund Staff Association would like to thank each one of you for the continued hard work performed regarding the Fund and your support towards BFSA as we continue to strive and fight within the best interest of the membership.

We ask that you continue to remain strong and support one another. Through it all “WE ARE STILL STANDING”. The BFSA would like to advise everyone of a list of upcoming events to look out for via email. Please see the events, noted below:


BFSA is currently in discussion with NBF about keeping the Hybrid schedule. We have assembled a Committee called “Hybrid Work Module Committee”. Our first meeting will start in two weeks. More information will be forthcoming.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING The BFSA has a proposed date, on above meeting, Thursday March 17, 2022. Meeting will be both “In-Person” and “Virtual” for individuals to attend while working remotely from home. Definitive information will be forthcoming, as they become available.

​* There will be “Invited Guests” for the Membership’s full knowledge of services available and a Q & A period for the following:

1) TransAmerica – Open Enrollment for Disability and now Life Insurance The BFSA is currently working with both Human Resources and TransAmerica on implementing direct payroll deductions for the new Life Insurance Benefit and the current Supplemental Disability. Open Enrollment information, such as dates, will be communicated more at the General Membership Meeting and via email.

2) Carmen D Laracuente Velez, Wellness Outreach Coordinator from our Wellness-Member Assistance Program.

At our last General Membership Meeting, members have advised as to how helpful the information provided, was for them. We have confirmation from Ms. Laracuente Velez, who has graciously accepted our invitation to attend and speak with us again during the General Membership Meeting.


3) VIRTUAL ELECTION Individuals interested in becoming a “Delegate” and/or seeking being a part of the Executive Board. Elections will take place on the last week in April. Date TBD. Please continue to look out for future information forthcoming to the membership.

CRITERIA - All Candidates MUST be in good standings with their dues. - Further communication will be furnished by the Election Committee Voting process will be virtual.

4) CONSTITUTION The Constitution Committee has been meeting vigorously and reviewing the “Constitution” for the necessary areas and“ARTICLES” to be revised, clear and concise.

Committee Members: Jeanette Eans (Chairperson), Jeremiah James (Co-Chairperson), Jamel Davis, Mia Edmondson, Yvette Howard, Kristin Randazzo, Jackleen Roberto

5) BFSA WEBSITE As always, we encourage the membership to enroll and tour our Website. It will provide upcoming events and vital information, as well. For more information, please contact Ms. Alma Gonzalez at or via Website Address at

In Solidarity,

Yvette Howard, President

Benefit Fund Staff Association

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