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Phase II Contigency Plan

Dear BFSA Brothers & Sisters,

We hope this post finds you and your families well as we complete our first week out of the office due to the Coronavirus pandemic and 1199NBF’s contingency plan in effect as of 3/16/2020. We know current events can be stressful and obtaining information is important so we hope that you can share the below with fellow members and instruct them to subscribe to Blog and BFSA site for further updates.

As of today, 3/20/2020 HR has been getting Phase II underway and individuals have been identified to work from home. These individuals have been contacted via phone or email and will be expecting devices delivered to their address by Tuesday, 3/23/2020. Please note not all BFSA members will be contacted and those that have, have been chosen by HR based on surveys received on 3/12/2020 as telephone contacts are not up to date and certain phone numbers on file are incorrect. If your information is not updated please reach out to BFSA President, Yvette Howard at or BFSA Vice President Rodney Bullard at so the BFSA can keep track of the updates required and follow up with HR to ensure that it has been addressed.

· Paychecks: will be sent to your address on file and if you have Direct Deposit your checks will be deposited as usual. This applies to all whether working from home or not.

· Vacation Schedules: If you are currently scheduled to be on vacation as of 3/16/2020 or it has been put in for subsequent month of April. Please contact your immediate supervisor via email immediately and have request rescinded or canceled followed by a note stating that “you are able to work.”

In the meantime, we want all our members to be safe, stay home and follow all precautions set in the news and earlier posts. 1199NBF will continue to call or email employees as Phase III goes underway and updates will continue to be added to BFSA Blog so please refer to website to stay abreast of current and factual events as the BFSA is informed.

Please note… You must subscribe to receive emails as updates are added. Site link is noted below. Thank you.

In solidarity,

Your Benefit Fund Staff Association

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