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Jeremiah James - Reclassification Officer

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Jeremiah James and I am the current Reclassification Officer of The Benefit Fund Staff Association.

My background includes more than thirty years in Benefits Administration. I’ve worked in various capacities including Life, Accident, Health insurance and Real Estate Sales. I’ve previously worked for more than thirty years on Wall Street. I currently work in The Member Services Department since 2012 so I have an idea of some of the concerns that BFSA members have.

My vision for this current  BFSA administration is that we move our current membership forward into the twenty first century in terms of being technologically savvy, educationally sound and fundamentally prepared for the direction that 1199 is moving with the move to 498 7th Avenue.

I understand that there are those of you who have been disillusioned by the actions of previous Administrations. I acknowledge that the current Administration has a lot to prove in order to earn your trust. That being said, I believe we are up to the task.

It is my goal to be able to identify each and every member of the BFSA. I will be able to identify each position and determine if there is a reasonable possibility of having the position upgraded through reclassification.  I am also currently in the latter stages of working with HR to complete the creation of the QCR IV position which has been pending for several years.

All in all great times are ahead for the Members of The BFSA. 


Jeremiah (Jerry) James

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