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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Dear BFSA Brothers and Sisters,

As the pandemic scare continues and additional questions are raised, we’d like to announce the Funds new website feature which was created to keep staff updated of operational functions in place during this crucial period. In it you will find a very important message from Fund Manager, Mitra Behroozi, which you can read in its entirety via Staff Updates , nonetheless, below is a small taste as I am totally grateful to be one of the workers assisting those in the front lines with their needed benefits. There is no other time more rewarding than now so thank you as your Union has never doubted your commitment and dedication to the members we serve.

“As we continue to “shelter in place,” our members can rely on us. We are providing the essential services to provide benefit assistance, pay claims, support the employers and run our operations. We have also been able to temporarily expand benefits and relax plan rules to help keep our members healthy, safe and covered.

I am so proud of those of you who have been able to work and support our members, keep our operations running and innovate how we work remotely. I also know that many of you who have yet to begin working remotely stand ready to do so, and our business continuity team is hard at work to get you set up. You all have my sincere gratitude. I want you to know that you are valued and needed — and our members count on you.” ~Mitra Behroozi

If you have not yet received a call from HR on behalf of devices to work from home please reach out to Rodney Bullard or Yvette Howard, their Fund emails are accessible and they can ensure HR’s records are updated and equipment delivered. Everyone must be available and prepared to assist with this initiative.

Any questions, your delegates and Executive Board members are still available. Thank you and stay safe…

Your Benefit Fund Staff Association




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