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498 Fire Drills

Updated: Jul 1

On Tuesday September 27, 2022 1199nbf and building management conducted a fire drill on all floors. Warden lists are also posted on all floors near all designated Exits. Please review and report if anyone on list is no longer available so we can advise HR to have list revised with active warden information. An additional drill will be conducted for Second rotation schedule soon. HR will send email under separate cover advising of exact date.

Staircases and locations to meet in the event of a fire or emergency evacuation is as follows:

  • Staircase Exits A & B - Leads to 37th St.

  • Staircase Exits C & D - Leads to the Lobby.

  • Re-entry - on every third floor (i.e., 3, 6, 9) Fire alarm will ring on your floor if there is a fire on the floor above or below your floor. Alarm will also ring on your floor if the fire is located there. Stay alert...

Meeting spot:

33rd and 34th on 7th Avenue (think: Madison square Garden, across the street)

Alternative: Avenue is 8th Avenue

Please adhere to the above mentioned and get to know where each Exit is located and also advise your coworkers to subscribe to site. Info will be updated periodically as it pertains to Fund news, BFSA events and more. Thank you all.

Your BFSA Executive Board & Delegates

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