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3rd Qtr. GMM NY & Hicksville 2019

We are happy to announce that both NY & Hicksville GMM’s under new administration have been a success. Our members in NY have come out in numbers on September 26th and our Hicksville members followed suit on November 4th.

Since taking office on June 1st you may have seen your newly elected officers visit each and every department as a unified team should, we have made our presence known with your management teams and have focused on turning our Union around.

BFSA members we want to lead by example. We want to stand up for our membership as a whole and we want to motivate you into getting involved. This administration aims to make our members proud. There are still a few kinks we have to overcome but together in unity we can accomplish all we set out to do.

Given time we can get this Union back on track. New updates and information will be forthcoming in writing and via our site so please subscribe, spread the word and let’s make a change together. This forum is for our BFSA members. Contributions are welcome and anyone willing can definitely join us. We look forward to your feedback.

In solidarity,

Your BFSA Executive Board

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