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Happy Retirement Roger Davis 5/30/18

Roger Davis, Mailroom Clerk has decided to make his last day as a BFSA member and 1199 NBF employee after serving 43 years. 

Roger was celebrated along with his friends and colleagues today as they ate, and reminisced for one last time and demonstrated how much joy and support they each had for him. 

“I have been a union member since the BFSA got started and will always remember our past Fund manager, Elly Tilson for being so hands on with her staff, and literally knowing all of their names without having to search in a yearbook. I’ve been through quite a few administrations and know the challenges this current administration faces, but am glad to have known you and thank you for thinking of me and trying to make a difference.” Roger Davis

Congratulations Roger, enjoy your retirement! We will surely miss you. 

#BFSA #Union #1199NBF

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