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RIP Eleanor J. Tilson

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of our past Fund Manager, Eleanor J. Tilson, on February 22, 2018. Elly, as most of us knew her in the Benefit Fund was a pro-employee, hands on leader who cared for all employees and provided the same respect and dedication to all under her umbrella with no labeling. The words bargaining, and non-bargaining was never mentioned during her years of service, and all who knew her respected, loved and hated to see her leave.

Elly may have been short in stature, but she was feisty, supported all health workers and staff, and never backed down from a fright. She set things off at the Fund and she will be remembered by so many people who not only admired her, but also loved her, and still do till this day.

RIP Elly, we will miss you, but will always try to follow your lead. Thank you for paving the way and for being the positive force behind the Benefit Fund. Your years of service will always be cherished.

Below I added Guest Book link in the event anyone would like to provide their condolences and the New York Times Obituary. Please feel free to also comment here if needed.

TILSON--Eleanor J., known to all who loved and respected her as Elly, passed away peacefully in her sleep on February 22nd. Survived by her three sons, Mark, Andrew and Daniel, who admired and adored their petite but powerful Mom. She was a well-known and highly respected leader in labor union healthcare and a strong advocate for workers' rights. Elly was the Executive Director for the 1199 SEIU Healthcare Union Health and Pension Fund, which provides benefits for over 400,000 members. Her efforts improved the lives for thousands of workers and retirees. She left her world behind in much better shape than she found it. A loving and generous mother, the passion for her work life was matched by love for her children, their partners and four grandchildren, Kyra, Aviva, Maya and Aliza. We salute her powerfully and thoughtfully lived life.

Courtesy of The NY Times

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