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Annual Staff Health Fair 2018

Don't miss out on Our Annual Staff Health Fair

You work hard to help our members access their benefits and stay healthy, so why not take half an hour out of your day to check on your own health? On Wednesday, February 14, you can do just that by stopping by our Wellness Department’s Annual Staff Health Fair for preventive screenings of your blood pressure, vision, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI) and sugar levels. Our own nurses and other healthcare professionals will be standing by to discuss your results—and it’s all confidential. At the fair, you’ll also have the chance to make a follow-up appointment with a nurse to talk about your personal health goals and how to reach them.

Fund staff will be given 30 minutes of release time to go to the health fair, but please check with your supervisor before attending. To make an appointment, call x8960. Walk-ins are welcome, but may have to wait to access some of the services.

What: Staff Health Fair When: Wednesday, February 14 Where: 330 West 42nd Street, Penthouse (33rd Floor) Time: 10:00 am to 3:30 pm

Flyer with Health Fair Details can be found by clicking on 1199 Funds logo below...

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