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Wellness Holiday Lunch & Learn

In collaboration with our company Wellness Department I was glad to attend today's Webinar and take in some very helpful and easy to follow ideas on how to enjoy your holiday and still maintain a healthy diet. With Thanksgiving soon approaching we all know holidays make us forget how to count calories and avoid fatty meals that can easily add on a pound or two before the New Year sets in. I am guilty of enjoying all meals derived from years of thinking its okay to eat everything made and served during the holidays. It's winter and I can try to lose the extra pounds before the following summer, but know how hard that can be as well so why not go the healthy route if not for yourself but also your family.

Eating healthy is a good thing, we can all strive to eat better, cut back on starches and carbs and even sweets. Hard at first but can be accomplished. Today's Webinar was launched on behalf of our Hicksville office Delegates and members, who feel they too can enjoy participating in the Wellness events offered in our Manhattan office and thanks to Nicole Powell, Event Manager in our Wellness Department it was all made possible, so for those members in our Hicksville office interested in attending future Webinar sessions and to keep this courtesy going we need you to please let us know so an invite can be shared with link and phone number/access code needed to partake.

Member participation is needed and these Lunch and Learn lessons are created to help us improve and obtain the tools needed to enhance our lives and that of our families. PDF to today's Lunch & Learn can be found in our "Benefits" section within our site and Cookie Recipe is attached as well. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

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