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Disaster Relief Efforts Raffle Winners

The Social & Cultural Committee would like to thank each and every one who donated monetarily as well as with tangible items during our fundraising efforts for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Your kindness and support is appreciated beyond measure. In total, we raised $1,467.00 and will donate all proceeds toward items needed for these families.

These items consist of things from tooth paste, soap and batteries to solar powered charging ports and food. Our mission was to come together and help just a couple of families in need, but we superseded our expectations and were able to help more than FIFTEEN.

We are truly grateful for all the contributions we received. Without the comradery of our membership and

management teams, this wouldn’t be possible. So again, thank you and JOB WELL DONE!

Your BFSA Social & Cultural Committee,

1st Prize Beats Pill Winner Rodney Bullard, Care Management & Grievance Chairperson

2nd Prize Echo Dot Winner Michael Rivera, Retiree Services Call Center

Rodney Bullard

Michael Rivera

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