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Disaster Relief Luncheon

Good day Ladies & Gentlemen, Attached below is a letter from your Social & Cultural Committee, come on out and support a good cause today October 18th, 2017. Dear Fellow Staff Members, As we are aware, our country & US territories have suffered catastrophic damage over the last few weeks with unprecedented hurricanes. From Hurricane Harvey, to Irma and most recent Jose and Maria. Hurricane Maria, a category 5, proved to be one of the most devastating hurricanes ever recorded. Causing record breaking damage in other U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, thousands of people have gone weeks without power with minimal food and clean water. Unfortunately, due to the damage of the island's infrastructure and ports, relief efforts have been insufficient. Food, water, first aid and basic necessities have not been readily available for our people of these countries. The U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico need our support and help. In support, The Social & Cultural Committee has teamed up with Jueyeros en Orlando Unidos Por Maunabo Foundation & Fundacion Misonero Sembradores De Esperanza Inc. to help these organizations provide relief to these countries. The Jueyeros en Orlando Unidos Por Maunabo Foundation is especially special because it directly affects our own 1199 National Benefit funds' family. We will be able to supply dozens of families the necessities they may need such as water, food, batteries, medicine, cleaning supplies, feminine hygiene products and countless other things these residents are in dire need of. Our intent is to help as many families as we can, but we cannot do this alone. On October 18th, 2017, The Social & Cultural Committee will be hosting a Benefit Luncheon to help raise funds for Jueyeros en Orlando Unidos Por Maunabo Foundation. Due to shipping costs and damaged boat ports in Puerto Rico, sending tangible goods wouldn't be effective. Our partners within the organization in Orlando, Florida and Maunabo, Puerto Rico will personally purchase and disperse all goods to the families in need. We are also providing relief to a family in the U.S. Virgin Islands providing tangible contributions that have been donated by membership and staff. Generators, clothing, towels, baby formula, wheelchairs are just a few things that will be accepted as donations. Please, come out and make an impact on a life. Or a family. Every donation, monetary or physical, helps a person/family in need. Let's band together and make change to these families that are struggling and barely surviving in the wake of this devastation. The flyers for the Luncheon Benefit along with the list of acceptable donations will be placed around the building with more details. If you know anyone that has been affected in The U.S. Virgin Islands or in Puerto Rico, please contact myself or the Co-Chair, Valencia Latimore to see about possible assistance. Let's make change. Sincerely, John Collins Social & Cultural Committee Chair

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