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411 on Rescheduled GMM

Subject: B.F.S.A. General Membership Meeting RESCHEDULED!!! Brothers and Sisters of the BFSA, The General Membership Meeting scheduled for June 29th, 2017 has been rescheduled to Thursday July 13th 2017. It will remain a lunchtime meeting slotted from 12pm - 3pm. Since many of you have stated that evening meetings conflict with your commute home this is the best option so more of you can participate. A light lunch will be served. There are many items on our agenda such as the current relationship with our Employer 1199SEIU, BFSA Legal Updates regarding the Performance Improvement Program, Disciplinary Actions that follow, Health and Safety, as well as Executive Officer Reports. Why the change? We have been in discussion with Human Resources regarding lunchtime General Membership Meetings for some time. Ultimately a request was made and confirmed for June 29th 2017. This was then removed from consideration by Human Resources seemingly without justification. When questioned it was stated that this option was removed due to some adverse incidents that occurred in the past which required the use of Security. Members were also not returning to their departments on time causing a disruption in Fund Operations. After some debate it was stated that this was simply not going to happen. I decided to escalate the issue to Chief of Staff Brandy Shiloh. She corroborated but I insisted that this new administration should not be held accountable for the stigmas of the past. This is a New time for the BFSA and our lunchtime meeting should be honored. She agreed with some stipulations. At this time I must state that this accommodation is not something that the employer must provide. We will hold our meeting in an orderly fashion and members are to return to their departments on time. Attend the meeting to receive BFSA Executive Board officer reports, enjoy lunch and return to work. Please do not return to your departments late as no lateness will be excused by the Fund. If there are any questions after our presentation members can always request to meet with us at any time in the BFSA office on the 9th floor during our office hours. Remember, you are “THE” most important component of success in any action we take. The BFSA is in the process of reorganizing and reinvigorating itself as a Union. Please join us as strength in numbers has never been more vital. Together we can show the Fund that we are indeed UNITED! Thank You and Make Everyday a Wonderful One. Your President, Nelsun Rivera Nelsun Rivera, President of The Benefit Fund Staff Association Telephone Representative, Provider Relations Call Center 4th Fl. 1199SEIU National Benefit and Pension Funds (646) 473-7160 Ext: 4177 BFSA information: BFSA Hours of Operation 8AM - 6PM Monday-Friday 9th Floor Office Hours of Operation: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:00PM - 5:00PM Tuesday/Thursday 12:00pm - 5:00PM Contact information: Internal (FUND) Phone: (646) 473-5373 External Phone: (212) 239-7896 Mobile Phone: 646-752-3678 

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