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General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings are a very important component of a Union. Throughout my years at the Fund I have noticed that attendance is not at desired levels. We have examined this and based on responses such as "needing to go right home after work," many have stated that they would attend the meetings if it were held during the middle of the day. At this time I would like to announce that our next General Membership Meeting "tentatively" scheduled for Thursday, June 29th 2017, will indeed be held in the middle of the day. It will also mark the first year of this administration so we hope to have high attendance to exhibit the the BFSA is moving forward in the way that only a true Union can. With Strength and Unity. I expect and hope all members attend.

On another note. It is my goal to follow our GMM's with updates from the meeting not long after it actually takes place. Being that I provided my last Presidential Report prior to this meeting this did not take place. Moving forward please expect this to be the natural order. Officer reports will be given at the quarterly GMM's and for those who were not able to attend the information will be emailed to you soon after.

One very important detail of the last GMM: It was announced that Mr. Marlon Elliot was nominated by myself as per our Constitution for the position of BFSA Auditor and accepted by Vote of the Executive Board. He was Officially Sworn in On March 23, 2017.

Thank you for your attention and please always feel free to communicate with me, the Executive Board or our Delegates with any and all concerns. It is your right and our Duty to Serve You.

BFSA information: BFSA Hours of Operation 8 AM - 6 PM Monday-Friday

9th Floor Office Hours of Operation: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1:00PM - 5:00PM Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 PM- 5:00 PM Contact information: Internal (FUND) Phone: (646) 473-5373 External Phone: (212) 239-7896 Mobile Phone: (646)752-3678

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