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Goodwill Fund Renamed

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The passing of longtime BFSA Member, Officer and Representative Dolores Ashton left a void in our ranks and our hearts. She was kind yet firm but always epitomized the essence of Good Will within our Union. As I spoke at her service I wondered how we, the BFSA could honor and recognize her time with us. This idea came to mind at the time but I of course needed permission from the family to do this so I did not announce it in the service.

With great Honor and the Blessing of her daughter Desiree, the BFSA Executive Board and Delegates have decided to rename the BFSA Goodwill Fund to:

The Dolores E. Ashton Goodwill Fund

It is only fitting that this benefit be named after her as she was and will always be an example, great friend, co-worker and family member.

Please find the updated form in your BFSA office or inquire about it with your respective delegate and utilize it in your request for Goodwill benefits going forward. Thanking past President Darlene Coor for creating such an important benefit for our members during her administration. It shall always be considered and remembered, and we are sure you'll agree the dedication to Dolores is fitting.

RIP Dolores, we will always cherish your memory and try our best to make you proud.

Your family and fellow members of the Benefit Fund Staff Association.

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