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BFSA Updates


The Quality Control Reviewer IV Title is provisioned in the CBA Side Letter. It will be a newly created position which entails extensive research in duties and job function. Once complete we will look into the creation of other Titles and Positions as it is the duty of the BFSA to provide the Membership with the knowledge and skills to advance as individuals and as a Union. We will examine this carefully during the project of realigning the Dental Staff (see Dental Department Outsourcing) as it is a perfect opportunity to open up new positions for our Members. Supplemental Disability Benefit

The Committee that has been created for this Benefit will reconvene this month in order to complete the necessary research to provide the best possible package available to our members. This is another Side Letter Item. This is meant to supplement the Disability Benefit provided by the fund. We hope to narrow down a Vendor that can provide this benefit in a most cost efficient and comprehensive manner. 401k Match by 1199

The 401k 1% match by the Fund which provides a one-time matching contribution to each employee's 401k plan in December 2016 was completed. Members should be able to see this by logging into their account at If you participate in the 401k plan and do not see this transaction please contact Benefits Manager Richard Kral Ext: 6210 for assistance. General Membership Meeting

The BFSA will soon be in the planning stages for a General Membership Meeting. Tentatively set between March 2nd thru March 10th 2017. Please be advised that these meetings are where the Membership is given information on the State of our Affairs. As well as have the opportunity to voice your concerns in an open forum. We are a Union! Members have a responsibility as indicated in BFSA Constitution Article IV Section 4 - Duties of Members. Another important detail is specified in Article IV Section 6 - Membership Meetings whereas a "quorum" consists of 35 members in good standing. This is what enables us to move as one as it is the minimum number of members that must be present at meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid. The Majority Rules so presence is key.

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