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It can be easy to let work experiences like favoritism, harassment and unfair treatment get you down but the fact remains it doesn't have to. It is what's in you that counts and your well being that truly matters most at the end or start of any day. Many instances can be worked on and being Union means you are never truly alone, but that means you need to rely on your Executive Board and Delegate members so all issues can be discussed and documented.

We can understand that sometimes it may seem bleak and pointless but it simply isn't. As your Union leaders and educators we want you to feel comfortable enough to come to us and share anything you may deem relevant and unfair. Let us determine what the next step should be and allow us to support or direct you as best we could. Our door is always open and we will always be available to you.

Many of you have been here for years and know fully well how much we have lost. We know morale is at an all time low but together we can change that. United we can swiftly find the common ground that will link us all together again and it isn't impossible. We have so many dedicated members, delegates and board members that can make that difference. Rely on us and let us prove it. Every issue and or concern can be discussed and any questions answered if you take that first step and ask.

We are your Union...

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