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A Word from your President

Good Day All, I have so much to say but at this time I will not go into all the details of my first few months as President of the BFSA. I must say I have learned quite a lot about the in and outs at the Fund and am still learning as things change everyday. Upon my return on January 10 of 2017 I will provide a full recap of 2016 and the BFSA roadmap for 2017 and beyond. Just know that observation mode is over and I will be preparing to establish much more communication between the BFSA, it's Membership and 1199 as a whole. Our relationships are very specific and intricate. They must be encouraged and Nutured. It must be said that this must be the focus within this organization. Only then will we create a path to progress. So until then I wish you all the best for the coming year but before I finish I wish to outright state that I genuinely care for all of you. Each and every beating heart that walks thru these halls mean something to me. We are all integral pieces to the puzzle we call 1199. It is my goal to take the full advantage of what we are and what we can become. The future can be bright. We must make it so. Anyway, Once again... Happy New Year. May all you Hopes and Dreams come to the fullest of fruition. With all my Heart and Soul..... Your President, Nelsun Ivan Rivera Nelsun Rivera, President of The Benefit Fund Staff Association Telephone Representative, Provider Relations Call Center 4th Fl. 1199SEIU National Benefit and Pension Funds (646) 473-7160 Ext: 4177 BFSA contact: Internal Phone: 646-473-5373 External Phone: 212-239-7896

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